What is Sports Camp and how is it different from Playball's program for little kids?


Sports Camp is designed exclusively for kids in the elementary school age range. 

In this is a pivotal time in a child's life, an appreciation for sports, health, and fitness can be sparked in a child who figures out what it is that THEY love to do, rather than just what mom & dad have signed them up for. 

The amount of physical, emotional, and neurological growth that takes place within this age range, makes it the ideal time for a child to participate in a program like ours. Our program develops  and reinforces good habits on the playground and in organized sports settings.

Sports Camp provides fun, targeted activities and opportunities for instruction for kids who want to try a variety of sports and  activities, and for those who already have a sport of choice.  

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Who provides snacks, lunch, and water?

 Campers are required to bring their own snack, lunch, and FULL water bottle each day. We will let you know of any allergies in the group closer to the start of camp.  

Can we change sessions after registering?

 If space is available during the session you'd like to change to, you may do so at no additional charge. 

What are the refund and cancellation policies?

 Click HERE for ALL of Sports Camp's policies and waiver information. 

Can my child bring her/his own equipment?

 We strongly urge campers NOT to bring their own equipment as we provide plenty for everyone.  Sports Camp is not responsible for any lost or damaged personal items that are brought to camp.  

What are the coach's qualifications?

Each coach holds a Youth Exercise Specialist (Y.E.S.) Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) which is one of, if not the most difficult youth sports & fitness certifications to obtain. Each coach has no less than 8 years experience working full time in youth sports. All coaches have successfully completed fingerprinted police background checks as required by the State of Georgia, and are certified in infant, youth, and adult CPR. Coaches personal bios will be emailed prior to the start of camp. 

What does fully, independently potty trained mean?

All campers will be offered regular restroom breaks and will be escorted to the restroom by a same-gender staff member who will remain outside of the restroom at all times and will not provide any assistance unless there is a medical emergency. 

In order to attend our camp every child must be able to identify when they need to use the restroom independently. In addition, they must be able to take care of all in-restroom tasks independently including using the toilet, wiping, flushing, adjusting clothing as needed, washing and drying hands and any other tasks not named here.  

Atlanta Playball staff is not allowed to enter the restrooms  with children except in case of medical emergency in which case a parent will be notified.

If a child has a toilet related accident and requires a change of clothes, Atlanta Playball staff are not permitted to assist in changing their clothes.  Children must be able to change and put away their own soiled clothes or a parent must be prepared to return to camp to assist with the clothing change, or to pick them up from camp. Refunds will not be issued for children who can't participate in camp due potty training and related issues. 

What about the heat or bad weather?

We have access to air conditioned indoor space as well as the school's soccer fields and other outdoor space. While we try to spend as much time outside as we reasonably can, we will never put anyone at risk with heat. If there's a question, we always err on the side of caution and will move activities indoors.  We also require that all campers have full water bottles at all times.

Can I come or stay and watch?

We ask that you not stay with your child during camp unless there is a unique need that we have discussed in advance. Parents on site can cause distractions within the group, making it difficult to accomplish what we're working on.  We will try to provide an opportunity for parent viewing and/or participation on the last day of camp, depending on the weather and timing.